Effective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures

Effective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures

You have this great idea and intense motivation to work on it. So you carefully laid-out the strategies, devote hours for completion, and set yourself for success! But then life happens and due to an unexpected twist of events, you suddenly see your grand visions of success crumbling right before your eyes.

The world has its equal share of victories and defeats so it won’t be surprising if the above scenario will sound familiar to you. Failures can indeed crush your ego and weaken your spirit but only if you give it the power to do so. You can easily pick up the pieces and start over again with the following practical tips:

Give Yourself A Time To Grieve

Staying positive in tough times is important but the pain and devastation that comes from failing makes you human. So it is alright to allow yourself to wallow in self-pity for a little while. You can take a break, seek a counsel, or shed some tears to get the negative emotions out of your system. Coming face-to-face with your feelings will give you a time to heal and will get you ready for the next challenges you face.

Forgive Yourself

It surely feels ugly to lose but it is wrong to keep on blaming and punishing yourself for it. You probably did the best you could but some circumstances are simply beyond our control. So you can acknowledge your mistakes and at the same time forgive yourself for committing it. Then remind yourself to focus on your strengths and stay steadfast amidst defeat.

Look On The Bright Side

A quote from Winston Churchill explains it best, “The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Your failures may be unavoidable but you have a choice on how you can deal with it. So move past the failure and see your cup as half-full. With the right attitude, you will discover that failures are a goldmine for valuable lessons and opportunities. Moreover, failure allows you to analyze where you went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. It gives you another chance to re-examine your strategies that may ensure your triumph on your next attempt. You may be surprised to discover that your failures will open doors to various opportunities.

Come Back Stronger

You can proudly call yourself a survivor if you experienced failures but decided to get up again. Like a mighty soldier that has fought in wars, you are now in a better shape for battles. The lessons you gained from your loss will allow you to create a foolproof game plan for winning the next battles you have to face. As they say, the most effective teacher is experienced so instead of crushing your enthusiasm on life, defeats should make you wiser and indestructible.

 The most successful people understand that the road to victory is rarely smooth or straight. So instead of fearing failure, accept it as part of the process, and make a resolve to overcome it. After all, failures may scare the wits out of you but the journey will surely be boring without it.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonEffective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures
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Parenting Through Encouragement

Parenting Through Encouragement

Raising children is both a challenging and rewarding responsibility. You hold the power to deeply impact another human being’s self-esteem, character, and perspective on life. Committing to being an encouraging voice for your child is an invaluable step in your parenthood journey. Below are 3 tips to help get the job done:

Remind Your Children That It’s Ok to Fail

As parents, we often emphasize the importance of success, high achievement, and ‘doing your best’. But what happens when your children’s best isn’t enough? What should we do when their best efforts still result in failure? In those moments, we are afforded the perfect opportunity to comfort our kids and guide them through the process of: acknowledging their feelings, accepting what happened, and then, taking actionable steps to improve. Adults try and fail all the time, but we are great at hiding our disappointments. So much so, that our kids rarely notice how often we make mistakes. When your child is in the midst of defeat, share stories about your failures and how you used them to bounce back stronger. Lastly, always encourage your children to strive for success, but ensure that they also know there will be occasions where things don’t go according to plan, and that’s ok. Failure is simply an opportunity for growth in our next steps.

Focus on Praise More Than Criticism

A large part of parenting is molding your children into productive, honorable, members of society. Many of us think the best way to do so is by instructing our children on what not to do. While this is one way to achieve the end goal, it’s not always the most encouraging technique.  To alter your approach, focus on the positive more than the negative. Conversations about what not to do can often be reframed by keeping a positive spin in mind. Start by praising your kids: address what they did well, then, expand the conversation by offering ideas on additional steps they can take to produce even better results. Also, remember that not every moment is a moment to reinforce the notion of improvement. Make sure to regularly mix in conversations that are strictly focused on praise. Your approval is one of the greatest sources of pride and confidence your child owns; they look up to you, they respect you, and they want to know that their efforts and achievements are valid in your eyes.

Offer Unconditional Support

There will come a point in every parent-child relationship where our desired outcomes for our children will not come to fruition. We envision our children attending a certain college, playing a certain sport, or pursuing a certain career path…and they may not. It’s ok to feel disappointment; we are human and have valid reasons for wanting our kids to take the paths we imagined. However, they are human too – with their own thoughts, their own personalities, and their own passions. As much as we see them as carbon copies of ourselves, their desires are their own. We have to remember to prove to our children that our support is unconditional – just as unconditional as our love is. Our kids should not feel bound to fulfilling our dreams in order to keep our support, but instead should feel encouraged to be true to themselves. We’ve raised them right, so we must trust the process and allow our kids to become their most genuine version of themselves, with our support as their comfort. Who knows? While their paths may stray a bit from our parental ideals, those decisions may still end with the same fruitful results we envisioned.

How you choose to respond to your children in moments of adversity will heavily determine which coping skills they revisit later in life. With parental encouragement, your children will mature to be well-adjusted adults, who openly share optimism and positivity with others. Even if your children are adult-aged, it’s never too late to start parenting with encouragement in mind.  

Tracey and Kimberly EatonParenting Through Encouragement
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3 Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Healthy Lifestyle Change

3 Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Healthy Lifestyle Change

Growing up and being a young adult, you are enabled to be an individual with hobbies and habits galore. Your world changes drastically when you become a parent to revolve around your children, and quite frankly, you love it! Though taking care of offspring may be gratifying, it occasionally can make it an obstacle to focus on your health. Prioritizing your health does not have to be all-or-nothing proposition. Including your children in your lifestyle change can provide a positive example to them and motivation for you to be the role model your children need. Practice these habits to get your kids involved in making your family better as a whole.

Family Democracy On Menu Options
Hop on your go-to site for tasty recipes. Be realistic of your time frame nightly when it comes to sorting through the possibilities. If you are short on time Monday through Friday, perhaps narrow in on one-pot dishes or toss together crockpot meals.

Compile a variation of options that can fit into your nutritional guidelines and schedules. Once you’ve built up a bank of appetizing entrees, put them to the vote! Ask your family members what they are eager to taste or prepare. Not only will this alleviate the anxiety of finicky eaters vetoing dinner, but it will make everyone feel included and give them a night of the week to look forward to being together.

Divvy Up Dinner Duties
Preparing home cooked meals takes a toll on the clock and energy levels. Involve your kids and give them a sense of responsibility by having them chip into the pre-dinner prep. Gauge distribution of activities by the age and skills of your children. Things like rinsing vegetables or peeling potatoes can help immensely and hold them accountable to the healthy eating in the family. If your children are at the stage of using kitchen utensils unsupervised, chopping the sides further or seasoning meats will make the process run smoother. Weave the assignment of duties into your week planning session and go over it with your family to kickstart the week. Display it on a common surface like the refrigerator, that way if anyone is curious or forgets how to pitch it, it’s easy to locate and harder to fall off track.

You Are What You Eat
Eating can be nutritional and educational. Kids learn about the food pyramid, but as many can relate to firsthand, there’s vastly more foods and content available than what is covered in educational systems. “Eat your veggies” is a phrase heard frequently, but that doesn’t inform younger audiences of what the nutritional content in a vegetable or grain may contain. It also doesn’t provide cooking instructions. Take time while cooking with your kids to teach them what different nutrients are apparent and the benefits of them. If you tend to reach for similar ingredients on a daily basis, go to the internet to look up other kinds of foods in that category. Don’t neglect to pass on what you know as an adult to your children. Building a wide fundamental base on nutrition will help them develop a richer knowledge and stronger body.

As you can see, these tips are fairly broad and don’t pertain directly to the foods themselves. That’s where the fun comes into play! Bring your family to the grocery store. Inquire about foods they’ve tried or seen and want to recreate at home. Allergies and sensitivities will make the menu look different for all, but the journey to a healthier life will become easier with your family beside you each step of the way.

Tracey and Kimberly Eaton3 Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Healthy Lifestyle Change
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3 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

3 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

It’s easy to take a lot of our holiday basics for granted. While presents, delicious baked goods, and warm fires may seem like a given during the holidays, for millions of people that’s not the case. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to give back during the holidays. Here are just three ways that you can brighten someone’s Christmas morning and help make the world better.

Clean Out the Closets

Take some time as a family to go through the closets to donate lightly used items. Build a collection of gently used toys, clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture, tools, and electronics. Consider donating anything that hasn’t been used in the past year. Get the whole family involved to teach your family about giving back. You can even ask the younger kids to draw some Christmas cards. After you’ve rounded up your donations, head to the local shelter or donation center.

Bake Cookies

Baking cookies is another perfect opportunity to get the whole family involved. Spend a few hours baking cookies for the local fire and police station, post office, nursing homes, homeless shelters, veteran center, or anywhere you want to give back to someone in need of a little extra love. Homemade cookies are full of love and appreciation and are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face this holiday season.

Arrange a Food Drive

No one should go to bed hungry, especially during the holidays. Food banks and homeless shelters are always in need of food. Organize your local community to donate food and supplies. Be sure to ask your local shelter what items they need the most. Ask your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family to contribute. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a difference this holiday season.

Take some time this year to sit down with your family and discuss how you can help those in need. Whether you donate food, clothes, money, toys, or even your time, it will make a difference in someone’s life. Encourage your family and friends to give back and spread some cheer this holiday season. Even the smallest deed can make the world a little brighter.


Tracey and Kimberly Eaton3 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays
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3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether your family celebrates the holiday with a giant table full of every relative you’ve ever met, distant cousins included, or your Thanksgiving is on the more intimate side with just your closest family members, this year’s feast is sure to be just as special as the rest. This time around, however, make an extra effort to keep this holiday as healthy as possible. Have your turkey and eat it too, but follow these 3 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving this year.

Don’t forget about fitness

We get it. After a five course meal, nothing sounds better than changing into sweatpants for a little afternoon nap or crowding around the TV for some Thanksgiving Day football games. But don’t forget about your fitness goals. Make sure you stay active this Thanksgiving whether you participate in a 5k in the morning, go for a walk after the meal, or separate into two teams for a little game of touch football, just do something that gets you and your family members moving.

Eat on the earlier side

Eating the Thanksgiving feast later in the day leads to many people fasting all day long until the meal is served. And when you sit down at a table covered in food with an empty stomach, it is way too easy to let your hunger get the best of you and eat until you’re uncomfortably full. However, if you fill up earlier in the day, you’ll be less likely to overeat. Plus, you will have the rest of the day to digest before bedtime.

Enjoy your company

It’s a simple idea, really. Staying present and enjoying your company while you eat, takes your attention away from your plate. Make an effort to chew your food slower and participate in the conversation more. The next thing you know, you will be leaving the table with a satisfied stomach and a full heart.

Thanksgiving is for counting your blessings, not your calories. No matter what your holiday traditions are, if you follow these 3 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving, you won’t have to worry about making up for that extra serving of Grandma’s sweet potato souffle.

Tracey and Kimberly Eaton3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving
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What Does Entrepreneurship Really Mean?

What Does Entrepreneurship Really Mean?

Of course, entrepreneurship means owning a business, overseeing an entire company’s processes and developments day in and day out, and managing any sort of issues or complications that may arise. It requires constant attention, hard work, and devotion to maintain your company’s value and integrity. But there are a few things you can only find out about entrepreneurship once you embark on your own entrepreneurial journey. One of the first things that new entrepreneurs may find out is entrepreneurship means so much more than just owning, overseeing, and managing a business. Read on to find out what entrepreneurship really means.

Entrepreneurship means being a parent

Creating and building a business from the ground up requires the willingness to make sacrifices and devote endless amounts of time and energy to make sure your business grows into an enterprise you’re proud of. Essentially, starting and owning a business is much like being a parent as you create something, nurture it, lead it, and watch it grow.

Entrepreneurship means being part of a team

Although your business may start as an individual idea or effort, it can never truly succeed without the support and help of others. It truly is a team effort no matter how much you would like to believe otherwise. Like all team endeavors, entrepreneurship also requires passion, flexibility, and a game plan at all times. You have to keep the vision alive if you want to see your dreams come true.

Entrepreneurship means facing your biggest fears

Entrepreneurship is more than just taking a chance on what you believe in. It also means taking a leap of faith and risking everything in order to achieve what you’ve always wanted. For a lot of people, this means facing your biggest fears and embracing the uncertainty with perseverance, determination, and a whole lot of courage.

So yes, entrepreneurship means all those things you thought before, but it also requires so much more than that. In order to own a business and develop it into a wildly successful enterprise that brings you profit and fulfillment, you must be willing to approach your business with a dynamic mindset and accept that your entrepreneurship may become all of these things.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonWhat Does Entrepreneurship Really Mean?
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3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Raising Kids

3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Raising Kids

Playing in the NFL taught me more than I could have ever imagined about life. I learned countless lessons in my years in the NFL that have affected everything from how I navigate the business world to how I honor and cherish my marriage. So as you may imagine, the lessons I learned in the NFL largely affect the way I parent and raise my children as well. Raising a family is no easy task, and anyone who has done so knows it. But raising kids is also one of the most important things many of us will do in our entire lives. So just like all important things in life, raising kids requires hard work and sacrifice. Here are the 3 things the NFL taught me about raising kids.

Always finish what you start

Consistency is key when it comes to most things in life. In the game of football, it’s so important to stay consistent with your dedication to the sport and bettering yourself as a team player. When it comes to raising kids, consistency remains just as important. Finishing what you start is a sign of good character, and your kids will be quick to do as you do. Being the reliable mother or father your kids expect you to be will help you to raise kids that likewise will stick to their word, take responsibility, and never give up on things half-way through. You will face new challenges in every season of your life, but you must always finish what you start in every aspect of life in order to raise kids that will grow into the kind of adults you want them to be––the kinds of adults with good character and a dependable personality.

Stay true to your priorities

One of the most important things I learned in the NFL was how to prioritize my life. Practices, games, and training took up so much of my time, and it was necessary for me to make a conscious effort for the other aspects of my life that were important to me. In doing so, I picked up the art of prioritization and have carried it into every aspect of my life since. When it comes to raising kids, I make sure to prioritize our family values above all else when going through my day to day life, so that my children learn to prioritize the important things in life as well.

Remember what it means to be an Eaton

Even though I wore a number and a team jersey on the field, I always made an effort to stay true to who I was when I played in the NFL. In doing so, I truly figured out what it means to be an Eaton. When it was time to raise a family, I knew exactly what kind of family values I wanted to incorporate into our family dynamic because I had learned it for myself playing in the NFL. One of the most important things it means to be an Eaton is to always give more than what’s expected, and I have made every effort to instill this mindset in my children. To be an Eaton means to give everything you do 110% effort because that’s what I firmly believe makes you become a better player and a better person.

Just like you face new challenges in football at every practice and every game, you will face new challenges in every season of your life. But thanks to my experience in the NFL, I have transferred the lessons I learned on the field to influence the way I parent and raise dependable and thoughtful children.


Tracey and Kimberly Eaton3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Raising Kids
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Tracey Eaton – 3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Marriage

Tracey Eaton – 3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Marriage

My years in the NFL have served as a foundation as to what I model other areas of my life. I have learned to become a man of integrity on the field and in the business world. I have learned to push past personal obstacles when others are depending on me both in a game and in life. In short, the NFL taught me to wake up every morning to show up ready to put 110% into everything I do. And this applies to everything from how I conduct my business to how I cherish my marriage. Read on to find out the 3 most important things the NFL taught me about marriage.

Honor your commitments

Commitment is without a doubt one of the most integral aspects of success in any relationship or endeavor in your life. If you put in the work every day despite the hardships that come your way, you will eventually see results. It’s not rocket science. In fact, I’m not even sure the NFL taught me this lesson. I have valued commitment since day one. I have always been a man of dedication, and that is what got me to the NFL in the first place.

However, what I know the NFL did teach me is to honor these commitments. It taught me to do everything I can to keep my commitments to myself, to my team, and to other people. Playing on a team that depended on me taught me that keeping my commitments determined the kind of team player I was. Likewise, keeping my commitments in life determines the kind of man I am. More than anything, the NFL taught me to treat my commitments with honor––to cherish my commitment to a team because that means I am an integral part of something. And that is exactly how I treat my commitment in marriage. I wake up everyday feeling honored to commit myself to Kimberly and our two-person team.  

Share a common vision

In order for any team to succeed, every player has to share the same goal. The desired end result must be the same––whether that’s taking home a win with your sports team, sealing the deal on a client with your business department, or becoming successful entrepreneurs with your spouse. In fact, your level of success cannot be measured unless you have a pre-established vision.

This is exactly why Kimberly and I have established a shared vision for life and in our marriage. We both want the same things and are willing to wake up every day to put in the same level of work, time, and effort to get there.

Keep a united front

What’s the point of working as a team if you don’t keep a united front? Sticking to the same playbook doesn’t only make it easier to succeed, but it also helps keep teammates accountable. So whether you’re playing for a team in the NFL or just a touch-football team in your neighborhood, you need to have a gameplan to have a shot at success.

Likewise, in marriage, it’s important to keep a united front in every single area of life. Whether you’re dealing with an argument with your children, a disagreement with friends, or a hardship in finances, working together as a team using the same plan of action is the only way to get through it together.

The lessons I learned in the NFL have made me into the man I have become and have influenced how I have learned to honor, cherish, and work on my marriage day in and day out.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonTracey Eaton – 3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Marriage
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Host the Perfect 4th of July BBQ

Host the Perfect 4th of July BBQ

The 4th of July is always a fun day for the whole family. Who can resist the picnics, parades, and fireworks? Make your holiday even more exciting by hosting a 4th of July BBQ. Gather family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate our great nation. Here are some of our tips for throwing an unforgettable and patriotic 4th of July BBQ.


Red, white, and blue will most likely be your color scheme. Head over to your local party supply store and stock up on patriotic decorations. You can kick it up a notch by investing in some American-themed decor. It’s a great way to show off your American pride all year long. Check out our Pinterest board here for more Fourth of July decoration ideas.


No BBQ is complete without some legendary recipes. Amaze your guests with your fabulous cooking skills by trying some new recipes. You could offer Grilled Pesto Turkey BurgersBBQ Chicken Kababs, or Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls. You can keep it healthy and festive by offering a Flag Fruit Plate. Start a pot-luck and encourage everyone to bring a dish to share. You can even make a competition out of it and have the guests vote for their favorite recipe.


Unless you’re having your BBQ at the pool, lake, or park, you may be in need of some entertainment. Party games are a great way to break the ice and gets everyone in on the fun. Set up a balloon dart game, corn hole, or a patriotic ring toss. You can also keep it classic by playing a friendly game of backyard football or baseball. Find a way to get everyone involved as a player, referee, cheerleader, or coach.

Finish the night with some backyard fireworks or sparklers. If you need more inspiration. You can check out our Pinterest page for more party ideas and recipes.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day!

Tracey and Kimberly EatonHost the Perfect 4th of July BBQ
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Tracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World

Tracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World

Playing in the NFL was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I won’t lie. It was pretty darn cool to wear a jersey that represented not only a team but also an entire city of a devoted fanbase. But it was so much more than that. Beyond the glory that came with playing in the NFL, it was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life because it taught me how to define and achieve success. While I played in the NFL––as I trained for each game––I was also training for the business world. I was establishing habits and training myself to apply the rules of the game to the rules of life. These are the 4 things the NFL taught me about the business world. 

Be a team player before anything else

We’ve all heard in life that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and these words rang truer each day during my time in the NFL. Through long days, hard practices, and big wins, I learned that fundamentally I am part of a team before I am anything else. My definition of success came to rely heavily on not only how I performed individually, but also how I performed to improve my team. I learned quickly that you can’t win a game on your own because the number on the back of your jersey doesn’t mean a thing unless there are other numbers on the exact same jersey on the field right there with you.  

So when it was time for me to take my football skills and apply them to the business world, I carried that same team-oriented mentality with me. While there are highly determined and independent business superstars out there, no one can run an entire business on his or her own because success is not possible without the support and the guidance of others. When it comes to business, I worked with the mindset that my accomplishments and successes were a direct result of the determination to get things done as a team. Kimberly and I each played a fundamental role in building our business so we could reach success together because it truly does take teamwork to make the dream work.

Do your pregame work

If there’s anything to learn from playing on a competitive team, it’s to always show up prepared to perform your best. Whether it’s putting in the extra reps at the gym, spending hours watching game film or showing up to practice early and staying late, I made sure I was ready to play my best every single day. Essentially, the NFL taught me that I had to wake up every morning ready to show up on the field. Each day was a new test, a new challenge, and a new chance to prove myself on the field.

I quickly learned that the business world is no different. In order to achieve success, you have to face each day ready to get to work––no excuses. I faced each day mentally prepared to put in the work to do whatever it takes to get Kimberly and I one step closer to our goals. And that mentality right there is what gave me an edge on the playing field and in the business world.

Maintain a coachable attitude

If you find yourself surrounded by talent, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I learned early on in my football career to never take learning from others for granted. I learned from my teammates, my opponents, and my coaches. I was surrounded by insane talent on a daily basis and would have been crazy if I didn’t show up ready to learn from them. And I became a better player because of it.

So why should this mentality be any different in the business world? When it comes to business, I embraced mentorship at any point I was presented the opportunity. I learned from experts and gained invaluable insight from others to help me reach my goals. And in doing so, like I played better on the field, I performed better in the business world with the help and guidance from mentors and coaches.

Earn respect from others

I learned from my experience on the field that the best thing a player can be is a player of integrity, which goes beyond the results of sheer talent. I gained respect from my teammates and my coaches because of the dedication I brought to the field, my willingness to be held accountable, and my personal decision to devote myself to the efforts of my team day in and day out––even when I was injured.

The business world is much the same. The most important thing a business man or woman can be is one of integrity––one that has earned respect in his or her field. Playing in the NFL taught me that no matter what your current hardship is at the moment, push through it. Hold yourself accountable for your shortcomings and do whatever it takes to get yourself back to producing your best work. The NFL taught me to make sure people know they can count on me. It showed me how to earn respect from others by always holding myself to high standards and conducting myself with integrity no matter what happens.

The business world isn’t all that different from the football field after all.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonTracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World
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