Healthy Living

Tracey Eaton is a big believer in living life to the fullest. As a former professional athlete, he knows the importance of proper nutrition and exercise when it comes to fulfilling your potential—both in fitness and in life.

To keep in peak physical condition, Tracey has turned to holistic living. He and his family are major proponents of sticking to healthy eating habits, supporting sustainable, organic produce practices, meditating on a daily basis, and being well-rounded in every aspect of their lives. They’ve found that they’re happiest when they’re all at their healthiest, and holistic health takes into consideration every single component of a healthy life.

Holistic living is about more than just eating better. It’s not like most diets, where the focus is on the quality of the nutrients in the food. Holistic living is all about paying attention to the care that goes into the food that’s being prepared. It’s also about understanding the interconnectedness of the food chain.

Beyond its concern with organic food, holistic living focuses on mind, body, and spirit health. With regard to the health of the mind, holistic health encourages meditation and self-reflection to center oneself. As far as the body goes, holistic living chooses to focus on strengthening the body for all of the incredible things that it can do. It’s not like most diet and exercise regimens that zero in on the aesthetics and the end results. The journey to strength is just as important as the resultant power.

When it comes to their spiritual health, the Eatons are very passionate about their faith. They adhere to strong Christian principles, and they share those values with their children, in whom they hope to instill the same morals and strong faith.

In everything they do, Tracey and Kimberly give their all. Holistic healthy living is no exception to that rule. They’re serious about living their life in a way that glorifies God, and they know that a part of that is taking care of their bodies and taking care of one another. After all, everyone and everything is interconnected in some way.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonHealthy Living