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Tempted To Lash Out? 3 Reminders That Convince You To Hold Back

One of the saddest truths about life is that there are people who will be rude and mean to you without any reason. Some people even hurt those who have done good things for them.Their malicious ways can prompt anyone to put them in their place. Yet just imagine the chaos it would bring if everybody reacted with anger toward the people who’ve attacked them. Although you do not have to repress or hide the fact that you are mad, it is always a good idea to take a step back when you are tempted to lash out and express your rage. It is definitely not easy to exert maximum tolerance and patience, so here are some reminders that can help:

It only offers fleeting satisfaction.

Responding to hate with hate can give you an instant sense of satisfaction. Even if you have unleashed your spiteful side, you have a valid excuse because you think some people deserve it. Nevertheless, the happiness you feel upon venting is unlikely to last very long. All too soon, you may find yourself regretting your actions. Since the rewarding feeling you will get is most likely temporary, a moment of reflection before lashing out can do you good. Would you still be happy and proud about your decision years from now? Meanwhile, if you choose to ignore it, you may just find yourself laughing about it in the future.

It probably won’t solve anything.

You may be motivated to start an argument with someone because you feel it is for a good reason, like proving a point or teaching a lesson. However, since your anger will likely add fuel to the fire, there is a greater chance for the issue to further escalate than to be resolved. In the end, you may just realize that your outbursts did not solve anything at all, and are therefore an utter waste of time. So instead of getting angry, you can just divert your energy to more productive activities.

It can hurt you more.

Fighting is rarely a pleasant activity, and negative emotions can take a toll on your health. Your fury can exhaust you and elevate your blood pressure. It is bad for your heart, lungs, and other organs. The stress it brings can also make you anxious and weaken your immune system. All the bad effects on your overall well-being clearly show that reacting in anger is never the best way to deal with people who get on your nerves. Thus, even if someone is making your blood boil, remember to stay calm for the sake of your health.

Everybody gets angry at some point; it isn’t an emotion reserved for the cruel and miserable. This means that it is not about denying yourself the right to be angry, but realizing that it is always worth it to keep your cool even to those who have done you wrong.




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