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3 Things the NFL Taught Me About Raising Kids

Playing in the NFL taught me more than I could have ever imagined about life. I learned countless lessons in my years in the NFL that have affected everything from how I navigate the business world to how I honor and cherish my marriage. So as you may imagine, the lessons I learned in the NFL largely affect the way I parent and raise my children as well. Raising a family is no easy task, and anyone who has done so knows it. But raising kids is also one of the most important things many of us will do in our entire lives. So just like all important things in life, raising kids requires hard work and sacrifice. Here are the 3 things the NFL taught me about raising kids.

Always finish what you start

Consistency is key when it comes to most things in life. In the game of football, it’s so important to stay consistent with your dedication to the sport and bettering yourself as a team player. When it comes to raising kids, consistency remains just as important. Finishing what you start is a sign of good character, and your kids will be quick to do as you do. Being the reliable mother or father your kids expect you to be will help you to raise kids that likewise will stick to their word, take responsibility, and never give up on things half-way through. You will face new challenges in every season of your life, but you must always finish what you start in every aspect of life in order to raise kids that will grow into the kind of adults you want them to be––the kinds of adults with good character and a dependable personality.

Stay true to your priorities

One of the most important things I learned in the NFL was how to prioritize my life. Practices, games, and training took up so much of my time, and it was necessary for me to make a conscious effort for the other aspects of my life that were important to me. In doing so, I picked up the art of prioritization and have carried it into every aspect of my life since. When it comes to raising kids, I make sure to prioritize our family values above all else when going through my day to day life, so that my children learn to prioritize the important things in life as well.

Remember what it means to be an Eaton

Even though I wore a number and a team jersey on the field, I always made an effort to stay true to who I was when I played in the NFL. In doing so, I truly figured out what it means to be an Eaton. When it was time to raise a family, I knew exactly what kind of family values I wanted to incorporate into our family dynamic because I had learned it for myself playing in the NFL. One of the most important things it means to be an Eaton is to always give more than what’s expected, and I have made every effort to instill this mindset in my children. To be an Eaton means to give everything you do 110% effort because that’s what I firmly believe makes you become a better player and a better person.

Just like you face new challenges in football at every practice and every game, you will face new challenges in every season of your life. But thanks to my experience in the NFL, I have transferred the lessons I learned on the field to influence the way I parent and raise dependable and thoughtful children.



  1. Kristina

    Love this! Thank you for sharing

  2. Kyle Walker

    Love you guys! Your an amazing example! You are such a leader.

  3. Ruth

    This is the best!

  4. Ryan

    Thanks for everything Tracey!! Your family is amazing!!!

  5. Jim

    Tracey and Kimberly, your story is inspiring!!!



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