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Dare To Be Different 

There is not one single other “you” out there on the planet. Not one. Each of us is different—we have different thoughts, dreams, strengths, weaknesses … the list goes on. Rather than wasting time comparing ourselves to others, we should be celebrating our unique traits! Here are three ways to stop trying to be like everyone else and embrace what makes you, you. 

Embrace your strengths. 

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The competitive world we live in is real. It’s so easy to focus on how your greatest weaknesses measure up to someone else’s greatest strengths.

For example, maybe you envy someone’s people skills, their athletic abilities, or their creativity. But guess what? You’ve got skills, too! In fact, you never know who’s looking at you, wishing they had the traits and skills that you possess. So, own it! Be proud of what you bring to the table. Read this post for three quick questions to find your unique strengths … and then, start celebrating them! 🎉 

Embrace your passions. 

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Not everybody enjoys the same things you do. Some people love math but can’t stand writing. Others would choose soccer over basketball any day.

Just like we all have different strengths, we also have different passions in life. So, find the activities that you truly love to do, and chase after them! (Not sure what your passions are yet? Check out this post for a little direction).

Embrace your flaws. 

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It all comes down to loving and being okay with who you are. It’s not easy but learn to accept those flaws that you’ve spent way too much time judging yourself over. Here are a few helpful tips: 

  • Realize that you are your worst critic (and that other people likely don’t notice your flaws as often as you do). 
  • Focus on positive self-talk (learn all about it, here). 
  • Be open with others. You have your flaws, just like others have them, too—and it’s okay to be vulnerable and talk about them. 
  • When you start feeling self-conscious, pause and make a list of things you love about yourself. 
  • Show gratitude for what you have (read this post to learn about what makes gratitude so important). 

Keep in mind that it takes time to accept the parts of yourself that you haven’t always appreciated, so give yourself grace. Above all, remember that we all have flaws, but embracing them is the ultimate building block to self-confidence. 💯 

Stop for a moment and think about the most successful people you know. Do you think they got to where they are today because they did their very best to blend in with the crowd? No way! They took the traits, skills, and yes, flaws, that made them different and used them to their advantage … it’s time for you to do the same.   

Being confident in who you are is important for any entrepreneurial leader, as is effectively dealing with setbacks. Read this post to learn about how to conquer sudden changes




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