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How to Help Your Kids Deal with Pandemic Fatigue

This pandemic forced all of us to quickly adapt to what is now known as the “new normal.” While we take pride in our action to quickly cope with this unprecedented event, no one can deny that it can be exhausting to keep on minding health protocols and quarantine policies. Especially because this global problem seems to have been here too long and no clear sign yet that it will be over soon.

But if the pandemic is making many adults anxious, just imagine how stressful it can be for children. All of a sudden, there is a new way to attend school and they have to stay indoors most of the time. The fear of getting infected plus the uncertainty of what lies ahead can fill a child with negative emotion which can be classified as pandemic fatigue. As a parent, it is part of our duty to make this gloomy period a lot easier for your kids. The following reminders can help:

Go easy on the screen time limit.

It is not always so beneficial to allow kids to have too much screen time. This is why parents try to impose a limit on the usage of gadgets as much as possible. Yet during this difficult time, going online is one way to make the quarantine and isolation bearable. It also provides the safest way for them to stay in touch with their friends. Online platforms can also serve as ways for recreation and learning. So while it is still not advisable to leave kids glued to screen all day, you may want to consider allowing them to have a longer screen time.

Keep them healthy.

Give your kids the strength to stay cheerful and carefree by taking good care of their health. Provide them with nutritious meals and ensure that they get enough rest. Regular intake of multivitamins is also a must to further boost their immune system. You also want to initiate activities that will keep them physically active such as scheduling a dancing or exercise session at home.

Manage stress well.

How can you expect your kids to stay in high spirits if you are constantly stressed out yourself? Many studies even show that parental stress has an adverse effect on the development of children. Remember that one of the best things you can do as a parent is to be a good example. Thus instead of simply telling your child to set aside all the worries in their head, you should also stay calm and collected. This may mean taking time for yourself as well.

Maintain a happy home.

Your kids will hardly feel bad about being in quarantine if they enjoy staying at home. This may mean making an effort to enrich relationships within the family to avoid any kind of tension or conflict. You can also take a break from all the pandemic stress by setting up exciting indoor activities.

Parenting may be more challenging during this pandemic. Yet you can shield your kids from all the negative effects that this crisis can bring by saying that there is always a silver lining behind every cloud.




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