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Tips for Holding Successful Family Meetings 

Does it ever feel like it’s been days since you looked your family members in the eye and had a meaningful conversation? It’s normal for the family calendar to be packed as you rush from school to soccer practice to birthday parties, and more. However, to ensure your family is continuously connecting, make time to pause and gather for family meetings. 

Routine family discussions are amazing opportunities to have honest and productive conversations with the ones you love. Family meetings also create space for achieving real objectives and reminding each other that you care. Read on for our tips for holding successful meetings with the ones you love.   

Logistics Matter 

When organizing your first family meeting, consider the practical who, what, when, and where of it all.  

  • Who: Encourage everyone to participate. If some family members can’t make it, choose a different date.  
  • What: Establish roles and responsibilities for each family member. Alternate who leads the session. If a child can write, let them be the notetaker. Oh, and be sure to put someone in charge of bringing snacks! 
  • When: Be considerate of everyone’s time and obligations as you stick to a clear timeline for your meeting. If you have several younger kids in tow, you might want to keep the meeting relatively short to maintain their focus.  
  • Where: Select your gathering spot thoughtfully. If the kitchen table is typically strewn with homework papers or crumbs from the last meal, consider a different location that’s free from clutter. Find somewhere distraction-free and comfortable (so no TV nearby) that also accommodates everyone. 

Make it a Habit 

After spending time setting up an effective family meeting, don’t stop at one. Instead, maintain your momentum and don’t miss out on the chance to build stronger relationships through consistent meetings. Consider establishing family meetings as a weekly or monthly routine. This will allow others to feel more and more comfortable sharing their goals and discussing any problems they’re having. 

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Create an agenda.  

Though the tone of your family meeting doesn’t need to be formal, it’ll benefit from being organized. Come up with a plan for what you want to discuss as well as some consistent “bookends” for each meeting. For instance, you might start by giving shout outs to family members who have been especially helpful or kind, and close with a family motto or cheer!

Also, always assign follow up actions to ensure everything you discussed gets done. Set other clear guidelines such as only one person talks at a time (discover even more tips on holding family meetings).

Regular family meetings create a sense of belonging and significance while simultaneously strengthening your connection. Additionally, the problem-solving skills you practice will model healthy behavior for your children to take into other relationships as they grow up. By establishing a positive family culture, you’ll set the foundation for tackling bigger issues as they arise over the years. 

Family meetings should be fun! 

Family meetings provide structure and stability, two things that children crave. But let’s also remember that connecting with family should be fun! You and your kiddos will hold onto these memories forever.

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