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Three Ways to Encourage Yourself Through Pain

Pain is an unfortunate part of life that we all occasionally encounter. Whether it be physical or emotional, at its peak, pain can rob you of your motivation to move forward. But you don’t have to fall prey to its negative effects. Here are three ways to encourage yourself through pain.

1. Remind Yourself That You’re Mentally Tough

Although you’re experiencing agonizing physical or emotional pain, you’re still capable of conquering the challenge mentally. While your body may seem maxed out, your mind is resilient. When you feel the load is unbearable and you can’t take anymore, remember that you have the mental capability to rise above any obstacle. Be encouraged. Even if your emotions get the best of you and your body feels weak, you always have will power on your side. So, practice “mind over matter,” push past the pain, and be confident in the fact that you will get through this. 

2. Focus on the Positive

One of the most sanguine approaches to encouraging yourself through pain is focusing on the positive. When we dwell on our worst current event, its perceived effects are magnified. With pain, this presents as: the discomfort feeling more intense, fixating on the underlying issue or worrying too much about the possible duration of our distress. Instead of putting yourself through the added anguish that derives from focusing on the pain, be optimistic. Think about things that are going well in your life. Ruminate on how far you’ve come. Make a list of events you’re looking forward to. Emphasize happy points in your life: past, present, and future. There are parts of your life that don’t cause pain, focus on those. 

3. Find a Source of Joy

When you’re in pain, the weight of what you’re feeling can easily become your sole focus. To lighten your mood, you must find an escape. Some people find solace in thinking about the things that make them happiest. Other people seek joyful activities and hobbies that shift their thoughts away from their pain. Many people employ a combination of both. Find what encourages you to smile and use it to help you through your most difficult moments. 

Pain isn’t an easy pill to swallow, but learning to overcome it can teach you a lot about yourself. Use these three tips to help encourage yourself through the hard times and know that brighter days are in your future.