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3 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holidays are well known for vacation time spent with loved ones, food, and gifts in abundance. It’s also a time to consider those who do not have the same. For entrepreneurs and their organizations, the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to consider those in their community who may need a helping hand. Here are three ways you can give back.  

Dedicate a Day of Service

Volunteering is one of the easiest, yet most crucial ways to help others who need it most.  It’s also one of the most rewarding and selfless acts you can complete as a person, especially during the holidays. Give back as a company by allocating at least one day to allow your team members to volunteer their time to a cause. Individual employees can make their own decision as to where they volunteer for their day of service or the entire company can go together as a team. Either way, your efforts will be greatly appreciated during this holiday season.  

Become a Community Sponsor

There are always on-going initiatives in the community. Getting involved should be a company priority this holiday season. Clothes, blanket, toy and food drives, local charities, and sporting events typically are in need of corporate sponsors. Find the ones that align with your organization’s products, mission statements, or company values and choose those to sponsor and commit to. Through these sponsorships, you will have the opportunity to support other local businesses and nonprofits, as well as families in need.  

One-Time Donations 

Keeping it simple can be just as meaningful and effective. Set aside a portion of your company’s profits to make one-time philanthropic donations for the holiday season. You can ask people to send in a holiday request that your company can help with or you can secretly donate to causes around your town. You can even ask your employees for ideas on how to go about it to allow everyone to be involved in the merriment. There is no wrong way to go about spreading holiday cheer.   

As entrepreneurs, we’ve been blessed with successful businesses and the ability to give back. What better opportunity than the holiday season? Use your good fortune to help others in need through a day of service, community sponsorship or donations. One day, the same people you help will go on to help others in their time of need. 




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