Three Ways to Naturally Prevent the Flu

Three Ways to Naturally Prevent the Flu

Influenza (flu) season begins in fall and peaks in winter, but can last through May. In recent years the flu has become increasingly difficult to treat. Flu shots definitely do their part toward boosting immunity, but with rapid adaptations to the virus, the flu is notoriously hard to beat. The best medicine is prevention. Luckily, there are many natural remedies and aids to help your body survive the flu season sans illness.


Proper hand washing rules are well known among adults, but during the flu season it’s always wise to review. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water, scrub underneath your nails and count to 20 before rinsing. As always, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. It’s best to keep your hands away from your face to avoid self-inoculation (transferring germs from one body part to another). Remember to sanitize items that you use daily (your phone, beauty products, etc.). Your office can also be the perfect place for germs to thrive. Clean your keyboard and any tangible surface you come in contact with. If you have to go to a public place, use a disposable or washable napkin to open doors or handle items. If you need to write something down, bring your own pen instead of using the one that’s provided. It’s also important to avoid sharing items that can transmit illness when shared, such as cups, glasses or cosmetics.

Get Enough Sleep

Flu season reinforces the need for adequate sleep. Adults should get seven to nine restful hours each night to maintain optimum health. If you are tossing and turning throughout the night or struggle to stay asleep, make sure to do all that you can to remedy the issues that prevent you from getting the vital sleep you need. Your body needs a fair amount of sleep to devote energy toward fighting off germs and viruses. Listen to your body and seek extra rest if you are feeling fatigued. If a solid seven through nine hours is too difficult to achieve with your lifestyle, commit to taking naps to help you recharge.

Watch Your Diet

While we all understand the benefits of eating and drinking healthfully, the flu season offers yet another reason to commit. Increase your water intake while reducing your consumption of alcohol. Give your immune system a boost with juicing and the addition of supplements. Some of the most beneficial supplements include zinc, vitamin d, glutathione, turmeric and vitamin c. Protein rich foods will also help your body fight illness. Avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar and stock up on fruits and vegetables.

While it is true that more than two hundred thousand Americans are diagnosed with the flu each year, you don’t have to fall victim to the virus too. Be aware of people who are showing symptoms, sanitize often and treat your body well. The flu is avoidable when the proper prevention methods are observed.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonThree Ways to Naturally Prevent the Flu
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3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether your family celebrates the holiday with a giant table full of every relative you’ve ever met, distant cousins included, or your Thanksgiving is on the more intimate side with just your closest family members, this year’s feast is sure to be just as special as the rest. This time around, however, make an extra effort to keep this holiday as healthy as possible. Have your turkey and eat it too, but follow these 3 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving this year.

Don’t forget about fitness

We get it. After a five course meal, nothing sounds better than changing into sweatpants for a little afternoon nap or crowding around the TV for some Thanksgiving Day football games. But don’t forget about your fitness goals. Make sure you stay active this Thanksgiving whether you participate in a 5k in the morning, go for a walk after the meal, or separate into two teams for a little game of touch football, just do something that gets you and your family members moving.

Eat on the earlier side

Eating the Thanksgiving feast later in the day leads to many people fasting all day long until the meal is served. And when you sit down at a table covered in food with an empty stomach, it is way too easy to let your hunger get the best of you and eat until you’re uncomfortably full. However, if you fill up earlier in the day, you’ll be less likely to overeat. Plus, you will have the rest of the day to digest before bedtime.

Enjoy your company

It’s a simple idea, really. Staying present and enjoying your company while you eat, takes your attention away from your plate. Make an effort to chew your food slower and participate in the conversation more. The next thing you know, you will be leaving the table with a satisfied stomach and a full heart.

Thanksgiving is for counting your blessings, not your calories. No matter what your holiday traditions are, if you follow these 3 tips for a healthier Thanksgiving, you won’t have to worry about making up for that extra serving of Grandma’s sweet potato souffle.

Tracey and Kimberly Eaton3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving
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