Three Ways to Mentally Push Past Pain

Three Ways to Mentally Push Past Pain

We’ve all heard the saying that pain is mental. Whether that holds true or not depends on who you ask. But what is not debatable is that we possess the power to push past pain. Time and time again, people have conquered excruciating circumstances with nothing more than sheer will power. Here are three ways to mentally push past pain. 

Set Small Attainable Goals

One way to push past pain is to start small. Instead of experiencing anxiety over the mountainous task that lies ahead, break the job into smaller objectives. Center your goals around your pain level. Whatever your body (or emotional state) is most capable of accomplishing quickly, make that your target. Use that same standard over and over again and before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your mission.  

Find Your Why

When things get tough and you feel like you can’t go on, the best motivator is purpose. Dig deep and think of your motivation. Maybe it’s your family. Maybe it’s your desire to inspire others. Maybe it’s your end goal. Whatever your reason, locate it and focus in. Quiet the pain and replay your why. Think of how rewarding it will be to achieve what you’ve set out to do and remember; the pain is temporary, but the reward is not.  

Focus Elsewhere

The last method to push past pain is to focus elsewhere. Anywhere else. If the pain is what is standing between you and the finish line, make it your mission to forget the pain exists. Mentally zone out. Pick something interesting to stare at in the room. Sing a song in your head. Daydream about your favorite childhood memory. Ask someone to talk to you to distract you. Whatever you need to do to pull your attention away from the pain, no matter how silly or unorthodox, do it. 

When experiencing physical or emotional pain, almost any task can feel impossible, but you can succeed. You don’t need to be 100% to tackle your goals. You can still play, even if you are injured. Don’t let pain hold you back from achieving your dreams. Use these three tips to mentally push past the pain and cross the finish line.  

Tracey and Kimberly EatonThree Ways to Mentally Push Past Pain
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Steps To Develop A Winning Attitude In Everything You Do

Steps To Develop A Winning Attitude In Everything You Do

You were born to win, but to be a winner
you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. -Zig Ziglar

Some people enjoy success after success while others wallow in repeated failure and losses. It is easy to say that maybe it is all just a matter of luck. Some days, good fortune is on your side while adversity seems to be a constant companion on unlucky days. However if you take a moment to ponder, you may begin to realize that people who always win possess habits and traits that are different from people who are always on the losing side. So if you want favorable circumstances to pour your way, the first thing you may need to do is examine your own actions and attitudes. Try and compare how your behavior differs from that of the successful folks. Your reflection may just let you see that to keep winning in life, you need to develop the following traits:

Expect positive outcomes.

Your thoughts and views have a great impact on the things you want to accomplish in your life. This is the principle behind the popular concept of the law of attraction. This theory implies that like begets like or simply put, you receive what you give.  It means that expecting and visualizing positive results increases your chance of turning it to reality. The Roman poet, Virgil perfectly summarized this concept with the quote, “They can because they think they can.” So in every endeavor, choose to look at the bright side and stay positive.  Theories and studies suggest that it boost your chance of succeeding. Moreover, positive emotions also helps you stay healthy and happy..

Mind your words.

Along with your thoughts that run in your mind, you should also guard the words that come out of your mouth. Try to observe how you communicate with yourself and assess if the words demean rather than uplift you. If you are given a task, do you describe it as easy and doable or do you tend to whine and complain? Words are powerful so make sure that it will work to your advantage. This is the reasons why meditations and prayers often contains phrases that are uttered repeatedly. To adapt this technique, you can start by making daily positive affirmations that will strengthen your resolve to win and excel.

Make necessary preparations.

Positive attitude is not nearly as effective without concrete steps and actions. So even with high hopes and affirmations, open your eyes to the reality that you also have loads of preparation to do. Take opportunities to train and equip yourself with skills that will ensure your success. Preparation also means identifying the weaknesses that can hinder your success. If you prepared ahead of time, you will have time to figure out ways on how to cope or avoid possible roadblocks. Having the will to win without preparing any strategy to accomplish the goal is like heading to a battle without anything to combat the enemy.

Welcome change.

It would be nice to stay in your comfort zone where everything is easy and predictable. However since nothing is permanent in this word, this ideal situation is not that realistic. To breeze through life, you should develop your adaptability skills. True winners do not fear change. They anticipate and embrace it because they know that it will bring new experiences and lessons. Winners do not let any changes overwhelm or topple them. Instead, they learn how to adapt to various situations without losing control or feeling stressed.

Hang out with the right crowd.

People you regularly hang out with influence you more than you know. So pay close attention the people you are always with. Do they always put you down? Or do they inspire you to be successful? As yourself if the people around you push you to do your best or heighten your anxiety to tackle tasks? Your reflection should lead you to a decision to keep your friends or find a new crowd to hang out with.

Be passionate about what you do.

A popular phrase states that people should find a job they love to do so it will barely feel like work. This saying is also true if you want to succeed in life. Being passionate about your job makes you devote much time and effort into it. It would be unlikely for you to feel burned out from too much work too because you enjoy it. Just being happy and satisfied with the work you do already makes you a winner, but you will likely get lots of recognition and accolades from it too.

Everybody wants to win but winning also means you are willing to work hard for it. Changing your mindsets and developing good traits are a good start to greatly increase your likelihood to win in everything you do.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonSteps To Develop A Winning Attitude In Everything You Do
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Effective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures

Effective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures

You have this great idea and intense motivation to work on it. So you carefully laid-out the strategies, devote hours for completion, and set yourself for success! But then life happens and due to an unexpected twist of events, you suddenly see your grand visions of success crumbling right before your eyes.

The world has its equal share of victories and defeats so it won’t be surprising if the above scenario will sound familiar to you. Failures can indeed crush your ego and weaken your spirit but only if you give it the power to do so. You can easily pick up the pieces and start over again with the following practical tips:

Give Yourself A Time To Grieve

Staying positive in tough times is important but the pain and devastation that comes from failing makes you human. So it is alright to allow yourself to wallow in self-pity for a little while. You can take a break, seek a counsel, or shed some tears to get the negative emotions out of your system. Coming face-to-face with your feelings will give you a time to heal and will get you ready for the next challenges you face.

Forgive Yourself

It surely feels ugly to lose but it is wrong to keep on blaming and punishing yourself for it. You probably did the best you could but some circumstances are simply beyond our control. So you can acknowledge your mistakes and at the same time forgive yourself for committing it. Then remind yourself to focus on your strengths and stay steadfast amidst defeat.

Look On The Bright Side

A quote from Winston Churchill explains it best, “The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Your failures may be unavoidable but you have a choice on how you can deal with it. So move past the failure and see your cup as half-full. With the right attitude, you will discover that failures are a goldmine for valuable lessons and opportunities. Moreover, failure allows you to analyze where you went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. It gives you another chance to re-examine your strategies that may ensure your triumph on your next attempt. You may be surprised to discover that your failures will open doors to various opportunities.

Come Back Stronger

You can proudly call yourself a survivor if you experienced failures but decided to get up again. Like a mighty soldier that has fought in wars, you are now in a better shape for battles. The lessons you gained from your loss will allow you to create a foolproof game plan for winning the next battles you have to face. As they say, the most effective teacher is experienced so instead of crushing your enthusiasm on life, defeats should make you wiser and indestructible.

 The most successful people understand that the road to victory is rarely smooth or straight. So instead of fearing failure, accept it as part of the process, and make a resolve to overcome it. After all, failures may scare the wits out of you but the journey will surely be boring without it.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonEffective Tactics To Rise Stronger From Your Failures
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Tracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World

Tracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World

Playing in the NFL was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I won’t lie. It was pretty darn cool to wear a jersey that represented not only a team but also an entire city of a devoted fanbase. But it was so much more than that. Beyond the glory that came with playing in the NFL, it was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life because it taught me how to define and achieve success. While I played in the NFL––as I trained for each game––I was also training for the business world. I was establishing habits and training myself to apply the rules of the game to the rules of life. These are the 4 things the NFL taught me about the business world. 

Be a team player before anything else

We’ve all heard in life that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and these words rang truer each day during my time in the NFL. Through long days, hard practices, and big wins, I learned that fundamentally I am part of a team before I am anything else. My definition of success came to rely heavily on not only how I performed individually, but also how I performed to improve my team. I learned quickly that you can’t win a game on your own because the number on the back of your jersey doesn’t mean a thing unless there are other numbers on the exact same jersey on the field right there with you.  

So when it was time for me to take my football skills and apply them to the business world, I carried that same team-oriented mentality with me. While there are highly determined and independent business superstars out there, no one can run an entire business on his or her own because success is not possible without the support and the guidance of others. When it comes to business, I worked with the mindset that my accomplishments and successes were a direct result of the determination to get things done as a team. Kimberly and I each played a fundamental role in building our business so we could reach success together because it truly does take teamwork to make the dream work.

Do your pregame work

If there’s anything to learn from playing on a competitive team, it’s to always show up prepared to perform your best. Whether it’s putting in the extra reps at the gym, spending hours watching game film or showing up to practice early and staying late, I made sure I was ready to play my best every single day. Essentially, the NFL taught me that I had to wake up every morning ready to show up on the field. Each day was a new test, a new challenge, and a new chance to prove myself on the field.

I quickly learned that the business world is no different. In order to achieve success, you have to face each day ready to get to work––no excuses. I faced each day mentally prepared to put in the work to do whatever it takes to get Kimberly and I one step closer to our goals. And that mentality right there is what gave me an edge on the playing field and in the business world.

Maintain a coachable attitude

If you find yourself surrounded by talent, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I learned early on in my football career to never take learning from others for granted. I learned from my teammates, my opponents, and my coaches. I was surrounded by insane talent on a daily basis and would have been crazy if I didn’t show up ready to learn from them. And I became a better player because of it.

So why should this mentality be any different in the business world? When it comes to business, I embraced mentorship at any point I was presented the opportunity. I learned from experts and gained invaluable insight from others to help me reach my goals. And in doing so, like I played better on the field, I performed better in the business world with the help and guidance from mentors and coaches.

Earn respect from others

I learned from my experience on the field that the best thing a player can be is a player of integrity, which goes beyond the results of sheer talent. I gained respect from my teammates and my coaches because of the dedication I brought to the field, my willingness to be held accountable, and my personal decision to devote myself to the efforts of my team day in and day out––even when I was injured.

The business world is much the same. The most important thing a business man or woman can be is one of integrity––one that has earned respect in his or her field. Playing in the NFL taught me that no matter what your current hardship is at the moment, push through it. Hold yourself accountable for your shortcomings and do whatever it takes to get yourself back to producing your best work. The NFL taught me to make sure people know they can count on me. It showed me how to earn respect from others by always holding myself to high standards and conducting myself with integrity no matter what happens.

The business world isn’t all that different from the football field after all.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonTracey Eaton- 4 Things the NFL Taught Me About the Business World
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How to Push Through Growing Pains

How to Push Through Growing Pains

Growing pains are a natural part of life. Everyone experiences physical growing pains at some point in their life, but as you grow older, those pains become more emotional and spiritual. They’re a sign that you’re headed in the right direction, that you’re shifting your perspective and adopting a new mentality.

It hurts to leave things behind in that process, though, which is why it’s important to have techniques to help you push through those growing pains — and emerge on the other side a better you.

Don’t Look to the Past

Don’t even look to the future. To stay grounded and on the right path to success, you have to stay centered in the present moment. That might mean feeling your pain, but you should never make a habit of suppressing your feelings. They will catch up to you eventually.

When you’re trying to push through emotional growing pains, as with physical growing pains, it’s vital to recognize that you’re becoming someone you weren’t before. You’re growing. You’re evolving. You’re changing—hopefully for the better. And looking back on who you were while you’re transitioning into the person you were meant to be won’t help you break out of your metaphorical cocoon.

Lean on Your Support System

A solid support system makes all of the difference in the world. If you have people that you can lean on and trust to support you while you’re experiencing growing pains, then there’s nothing you can’t do.

Whenever you feel like you’re on the cusp of giving up, reach out to your friends, your family, your life coach, your mentor, whoever you consider to be in your network of support, and let them know you need them in this moment. If you’ve surrounded yourself with the right kinds of people, they’ll no doubt have your back and see you through these pains.

Never Give Up

One of the worst things you could possibly do when you’re hitting an emotional growth spurt is to give up halfway through the process. You’ll never reach your full potential if you set goals, get part of the way to achieving them, and then give up and go back to what’s comfortable because you couldn’t tolerate the growing pains.

It may seem like you have miles and miles to go before you reach your destination, but giving up in the middle of the woods will only leave you stranded and out of breath.

In the end, giving up hurts you more than anything else could. Keep pushing through the pain; you won’t be sorry.

Tracey and Kimberly EatonHow to Push Through Growing Pains
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